Think Public Health

The first week in April is dedicated by APHA as National Public Health Week.  As such, I thought I’d celebrate the occasion by introducing a new project I’ve been working on.

Back in January, a classmate asked me to help him start a blog.  I agreed.  In a living example of how ideas grow, he pitched the idea of a joint blog, and then a group blog, an interactive website, a space for the promotion of public health thoughts.  And that’s how Think Public Health was born.

I’ve come to believe there are two noble reasons for starting something, be it a project, company, organization, etc.  The entity must either fulfill a void, or improve upon what already exists.  Think Public Health, for me, accomplishes the former.

If you’ve read my first post, you know I was a bit helpless at the end of my undergraduate career, unsure if medicine was the right path for me, and largely ignorant about the field of public health.  Thankfully, I got a firm push in the right direction – but when I started getting emails from underclassmen asking what, exactly, I was studying and what I planned to do with it, I realized the real need for encouraging the study, discussion, and promotion of public health and public health education.  For me, Think Public Health does (or will eventually do) just that.  As six public health students share their thoughts and experiences, we hope to reach a generation of students who may not have previously given much thought to public health.

With the help of twitter and facebook, as well as a forum on our site, the goal is to create a conversation, not just a news source.  I hope you’ll check it out and join in!


2 thoughts on “Think Public Health

  1. Hi Amanda I think that you are in the right way.I am an Orthopaedic surgeon -medicolegal expert with two wear additional specialization in Legal medicine having a Master degree in Health care units management. We have a team of

    • We are a team of scientists living and working in Greece in the field of Health care unit quality improvement and total quality.
      If you want we could share ideas.

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